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Are you looking to move some furniture or looking for a hauling service near your area? Whether it's a beloved piece or a whole house full of furniture, you have come to the right place. T-hauler wants to make the delivery/moving process as easy as possible.

We all come across a moving truck either on the highway or the back roads. Every year millions of American households move due to many reasons. Chances are good that you’ve spotted a moving company, independent movers or a truck rental. There is a high demand in the moving industry, which is the main reason we recreated a platform that combine truck rental, movers, and delivery service to connect private truck owner, moving companies and customers.

Available Services

Retail store pick up and delivery
Pick up of furniture bought from Facebook market or craigslist.
Goodwill donations drop off & Pick up
of large items purchased from stores.
college student moving, apartment moving, business moving or relocation.
Helper to assist with heavy lifting, loading, packing,


What you need to know about T-hauler. T-hauler is a technology service provider that enables users to request a moving truck, handy workers, moving and delivery service through a logistic platform using web-based technology. Private truck owners, moving companies, and drivers interested in providing these services can sign up as independent contractors to make extra income and work on a flexible schedule. No clock-in or clock-out. You go online to start working based on your availability

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Moving and Delivery Service

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Do you have a truck or a box truck?  Start putting it to work in the gig economy.  Don't have a truck?  Thats ok, you can be a mover and get started right away!  Download the T-Hauler Driver app to apply and get started.

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