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We are working hard to provide you the best and reliable service at a reasonable price. In addition to giving services from point A to point B. We're helping our customers to schedule and request a trip faster and affordably, removing the stress involve in moving, and saving our customers a trip and time to travel to distance truck rental companies.

We Pack, Load and haul your items

We live in a new era where many families and friends have been affected by the economic collapse due to the pandemic. T-hauler wants to participate in the reform of the economy by providing private truck drivers a solution to make extra income and the flexibility to earn on their own schedule. Not only will it be flexible for the drivers, but also beneficial for customers.
The traditional moving requires you to rent a truck, own a driver license, and carry an insurance coverage. However, T-hauler has created an easy, fast, and affordable truck rental system that connect truck owners and customers via a mobile app. Our mission is to facilitate the process of moving from long distances with heavy loads and create an easy access service that takes less time to scheduled for individuals traveling across the city.

Chief Executive Officer
Adam NZITA is the CEO and founder of T-hauler, in charge of the company management, including app development, design, and product operations.
Before joining T-hauler, Adam was a student at the Art institute of Pittsburgh, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. Earlier in his school year, Adam earned a scholarship from the Pittsburgh society of illustrators in recognition of outstanding illustration work with emphasis on Figurative Art.
As an industrial Designer, we are thought to solve problem with everyday products and services to change people life. T-hauler was created in the idea to resolve issues that involves moving, delivery and truck rental service. Traditional truck rental services require to have documentations and go through many step-by-step processes to get approved for a rental truck. T-hauler team have come up with a faster solution to request a truck in just one click of a button from a smartphone. The improvement of technology, smart phone, and the high demand in truck rental have pushed the eager to grow and develop a company that will reshape how truck rental and moving work. We strive to create opportunities to make extra income and contribute in the reform of the economy affected by the pandemic.

More opportunities 

We are creating opportunities to make extra income and to work in a flexible schedule. Private truck owner can now earn passive income through our app platform. We are building a culture that emphasizes on creating a fast, easy, and effective moving service. At T-hauler we are recreating the way moving process work. From how you get your items deliver to your house, to how you move from one apartment to another.


Most people do not possess a large truck or vehicle where a piece of furniture or mattress can fit or any sort of transportation to accommodate such necessities unless they choose to get a rental. Our app  platform is built to sign up driver with larger truck and to offers our customers a variety of truck options to choose from.

Our drivers undergo a  background check process

We take safety very serious and we want our customers to feel safe and to trust us. Our drivers undergo a multi-step safety screen, as well as being checked for driving violations, violent crime, and other checks.

Helping to keep each other safe during the pandemic

As the the pandemic continue, we are actively checking the evolution of the situation daily to ensure the safety of everyone in T-hauler platform. As part of our safety standard, users, and drivers must always wear a face mask during the service. Wash or sanitize your hands. Wear a face mask or cover.




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We value our customers' experienced. We are here to provide the best customer service to satisfy your needs. We understand our customers are the most integral part to our business; therefore, we want to provide an exceptional customer service to our users and drivers.