General Questions

What is T-hauler used for?

A ride share company design to provide moving services, such as apartment move, storage move, purchased furniture or appliances pick up from retailers.

What all can I delivered?

Home appliances or essentials, furniture, personal items, packages from retailers.

What do I need to become a driver?

Valid driver licenses, pick-up truck or box truck, valid vehicle registration, valid insurance, convertible hand truck or heavy duty folding platform cart.

Do I need to own a large truck to became a driver?

Driver can sign up with anytime of vehicles from a Sedan to a large truck. However, they can only qualify with certain pick up or delivery of items based on the size load. Drivers with a Sedan can qualify for small load delivery and drivers with large pick-up trucks or box trucks can qualify for a large load.

Does T-hauler supply trucks if I don’t have one?

T-hauler does not supply trucks. All drivers must have their own trucks or vehicle to be eligible to drive on the T-hauler platform.

Can I start delivering as a driver immediately?

Yes, once a driver meets all the requirements, which include passing the background check for driving. One should start driving within a week from the signing up date.

How does the process work?

If you sign up as driver, you will be required to download the T-hauler drivers app through the android or apple store and follow the step-by-step sign up process by completing all the information require, which include personal and vehicle information. Once accepted as a driver, you will be able to receive service requests through the app, to see the fare, trip distance, loads size, customers pick up and drop off location, then choose which service best fit with your schedule. If you sign up as a customer, you will be required to download the T-hauler app through an android or apple store and follow the step aby step sign up process. As a user or customer, you will only be required to complete your personal information and payment details for services. As a user, you can pick a truck size that best for your needs and request a moving pick up or delivery pick up by entering your pick -up and drop off location. Customers have the option to request an immediate service or schedule one. Once a driver has accepted your request, the app will display the time estimation of the driver arrival and the trip itinerary.

How do l know my driver is trusted and verified?

T- hauler drivers will undergo a background check for driving violations, violent crime, impaired driving, and other checked before he or she can start operating in the T-hauler platform. Drivers will undergo through background check every year to assure that they still meet the safety obligation to be in the T-hauler platform.

AS a driver, will I be able to deny transportation requests?

The driver requirement is to pick up customers in with loads and to respect the term and conditions of the platform. All services requests must be related to moving and delivering.

Is there a way to contact driver in the process?

Yes, you can get help right in the app. If you are a customer and need to communicate with the driver, you can go to the trip and make a call or send a message to the driver. To protect the privacy of drivers and users, our platform does not feature users’ or drivers’ direct phone numbers. However. The app will connect you with either of them.

As a driver, do I need to work a certain amount of hour per week to stay on board?

The app will be operating 24hours. Drivers have no limited time to be on board. However, for health concerns, we recommend drivers to take a reasonable break in order to keep up a great work ethic.

What do prices look like for deliveries and moving?

The trips fare will be displayed in the app. As a driver, you will have the option to pick a fare trip. If the trip taken by another driver, the app will display available trip fare. All prices are based on the distance, truck size, and amount of load. Customer's prices will be also based on the same criteria. Distance, truck size, loads.

Tax information

Drivers and helpers can request their tax documents if the earning was more than $600 during previous calendar year. All tax documents can be requested  by contacting us at thaulertaxinfo@gmail.com.T-hauler will mail and email tax documents to the email and home address in your profile before January 31. Tax documents includes 1099-k if you earned more than $20,000 from customer payments in the last year, 1099-NEC for drivers and helper who earned $600 or more during previous year.