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We live in a world run by smartphone. Worldwide, about 6.378 billion of the world population use smartphone. The US hold about 270 million smartphone users.
About 15% of US adults own smartphone:
 approximately about 28% of US adult within the age group of 18-29, 11% of US adults within the age group of 30-49, 13% of US adult within the age group of 50-64 use smart phone to access online services. According to research mobile users spend about 3hours 54 minutes on mobile devices per day

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Already approved and incorporated in the app store and play store. This is not a concept or a prototype. after years of development , T-hauler is fully tested to ensure that every single features is functioning and running properly. at T-hauler we prioritize the app itself since it's the main tool of our business. Significant effort has been put in to this project to reassure its success in the real world.
App download:
Approximately 218 billion downloads were recorded in 2020 both on Android and iphone.
App usage statistic:
About 69.4%  of internet users use mobile shopping apps. About 32% of app users check their mobile apps 1-10 times per day.
Mobile app revenue statistic:
According to research in 2023, the app business will likely generate $935+billion in revenue via in app advertising and paid downloads. Since the past, app revenue has increased tremendously. This growth is likely to continue with expected revenue of $1 trillion by the end of 2023.

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Moving Industry

Moving industry is one of the businesses growing and developing rapidly. This growth and high demand for moving services is generating a high revenue in the industry. About 10.1% of US population move every year ,which is incredible profitable for moving companies. Looking at about 32,351,000 moves annually, the data is showing that the moves were distributed:
Local: 61,4%, which is about 19,852,000 moves
Intrastate: 20,1, or 6,496,000
Interstate :15% or 4,838,000
International: 3,6% or 1,165,000 moves

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